How to know your art


My name is Linda Vario I own and operate Linda Vario art.

This is the beginning of a blog where art matters and quality counts.

Hopefully we can all share our thoughts and opinions and I can provide you with valuable information to help you in your endeavors - whether it be producing fantastic art or buying it.

I am an active full time artist who is passionate about art with over 20 years experience in my chosen profession.  I love to produce art and I also love to buy art.

I have valuable tips and information learned on the road of hard knocks, for the artist, art lover and art buyer.

I know how difficult it is as an artist to start out in the industry, I know how easy it is to get taken for a ride whether trying to buy or sell art.

I will endeavor to be informative about the pitfalls and highlights of the art journey that I have travelled on thus far.

I look forward to connecting with and helping you in your journey of “How to know your art” and to share some of my work and passion for the industry with you.